vancouver boudoir photographer helen

vancouver boudoir photographer helen

(Photos by Aly Baby Photography, and Kim Gimson Photography.)


→ 34 years old, married to her best friend and the smartest guy she knows
→ Mother of 2 most awesome girls: Lilias (Lily) age 7, Emilyn (Emmy) born in spring of 2014
→ Full-time occupation in the mental health field, as a supervisor therapist for a Fraser Health mental health recovery program
→ Master’s degree in Psychology / Counselling, registered mental health therapist, specializing in trauma, anxiety, depression, psychosis, family therapy
→ Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English literature
→ Book worm, self-professed nerd, computer geek
→ Wannabe hippie, Earth lover, tree hugger
→ Roaringly political and left-leaning, agnostic but not religious, straight but not narrow
→ Loves hot chocolate but not coffee, milk chocolate but not dark chocolate, rockets but not sweets in general
→ Member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers


→ Won international awards for photography
→ Published in wine and wedding magazines across Canada
→ Published at The Knot online magazine one, two, three times.
→ Published at The Veil Company magazine.
→ Published at The Coordinated Bride blog.


We all put our proverbial hats on. We wear many different titles during the day. We are wife, we are mother, we are worker bee, we are secretaries and teachers and bank tellers and homemakers and grandmothers. We are everything to everyone, we are something to someone. When the lights are on, we perform. When the light shines through the window from the sun, we get dressed and we start our day, wearing our many different hats, our many different titles. I want to capture who you are after dark. Who are you when the lights are off? Who are you when no one is watching? Who are you when you are truly and completely yourself? Letting your guard down, I want to capture that true beauty that you are. In photographs. Because after the light is gone, your real life begins. Your life after dark showcases your journey, the artwork you have created for yourself. I am simply a catalyst who is allowing you to do so very freely.