Why do you cost so much?

Each client gets approximately 2.5-3 hours of face-to-face time during the photo shoot (one hour hair and makeup, 1.5 hour shoot, and the rest is prepping, orientation, and setting up). Ordering sessions typically take approximately 2 hours. Editing takes approximately 8-10 hours per client. Processing and prepping for orders take about 3 hours. Consultation (via emails or/and phone calls or/and face-to-face meetings) typically take about 1-2 hours.

After all is said and done, I spend approximately 18-22 hours per client. After costs of maintenance, product purchasing, shipping and handling, marketing and advertising, website maintenance, taxes and monthly studio maintenance fees, car maintenance and gas, equipment upgrades (between $500-$2000 for lens, lights, props, furniture, etc.), fairs and shows ($1500-$2000 per show), and ongoing education and workshops, I make approximately $15 per hour.

This is a boutique photography business, as you can see. I am not the McDonalds of photography. I am not a “point and shooter” or a “shoot and burner” photographer. I am a custom photographer. I am an artist. You are the art form. You are worth every second I spend on you, and so am I.

What should I bring to my session?

You should bring your own pretty panties, maybe a bra or two to match, high heel shoes (go HIGH or go home!), thigh high stockings or full length stockings, men’s shirts, ties, hats, babydolls, nightgowns, oversized white t-shirts, etc. Accessories can include long pearl necklaces, bracelets,earrings.

We have some wardrobe to accommodate, including sheer sheets and satin sheets. We have two high heel shoes in sizes 6.5 and 7.5/8. If you do not bring anything at all, we can even accommodate that! We’ll work what what you bring!

Do you do payment plans?

Yes! For those clients who are unable to pay for all their photos during the ordering session after their photo shoot, they can opt to be put on a payment plan. You can do up to 6 regular monthly payment plans. Payments must be made of at least $200 every month, and 5% interest will be added per month on the remaining invoice if 3 months have lapsed without a payment. You will get your products in their entirety when payment is completed in full.

Why can’t I just order one or two prints?

Given the approximate 20+ hours I spend per client, it is no longer conducive for me to sell individual prints. Basic packages start at $1299 for 10 images in the form of prints, which includes low-resolution watermarked digital images made for media-sharing purposes. Individual images can be purchased at an a la carte style after the first package of 10 images. Thank you for understanding!

Can I buy high resolution digital images?

Yes, of course! High resolution images can be purchased separately, for an additional $900 per image. Keep in mind that all products include low-resolution watermarked images emailed to you for media-sharing purposes. These files do not come with printing rights. High resolution images are purchased for the purpose of printing into large wall art.

NOTE: High resolution files are the “original” pieces of art, therefore cost of purchase for an original size of each image will reflect this impact. When buying a high resolution file, you are buying the original artwork from the photographer. Choose wisely! :)

I’m not a model, and I hate all photos I’m in. Should I still book?

Yes! The majority of our clients are everyday women: teachers, lawyers, moms, fiancees, nurses, grandmothers, single ladies. In fact, I specifically cater this business to aim at the “average” woman, so that every woman have the opportunity to feel perfect, and have the photos to prove it.

If you’ve always hated how you look in photos, then you’re the perfect client for me. If you’re not at your perfect weight and think the perfect time to book is when you “lose those extra pounds,” then you’re the perfect client for me.

I have no idea how to pose. Will you help me?

Yes, I will pose you in your most flattering ways. If you have examples of the types of images/poses you want, we can definitely recreate them. Your job is to relax and have fun. My job is to make you feel and look good while doing it!

I have taken workshops and classes on how to pose. Every pose is carefully constructed to match your body type, and bring out your best features. Don’t worry! Have fun and let the sexiness flow through you.

How much does the average client spend?

From start to finish, the average person spends approximately $1800. The ultimate package costs approximately $3400. Additional a la carte prints and canvases can be purchased after a package is chosen. The retainer session fee, which is $500, does NOT include products or pictures. It covers professional hair and makeup, approximately 3 hours of face to face time (1.5 to 2 of those hours is the photo shoot itself), and my time and talent, and the use of my decked out studio.

Who will be at the session?

At your session, it will be you, your hair and makeup artist, and myself. Hair and makeup will be provided by a professional and certified artist. After hair and makeup are done, it will just be you and me in the studio. You are welcome to come with a friend for support, but I ask no more than one other person, unless it is a boudoir party. Please refrain from bringing your significant other as it puts a different, more “nervous” energy into your photo shoot! You are welcome to bring your significant other at your ordering session, however!

What’s included in the entire experience?

Your retainer fee will cover the one hour photo shoot and hair and makeup, consultation, and the ordering session afterwards. You will have the full usage of my studio – as much as we can squeeze into the 1 to 1.5 hours, with as many outfit changes as you want (usually we can do about 3-4 outfit changes in the hour). I will also offer beverages to you, between water, juice, or champagne. Snacks will include mints and/or chocolates. Let yourself indulge!

Approximately 1-2 weeks after the shoot, you will come back for your ordering session. It is usually on a weekday evening at 8pm in my home. There, you will choose among your 30 fully edited photos, and see samples of all products available for purchase. We will go through each image together in detail. Payment is made at the ordering session.

Can I buy unedited images for a lower cost?

Sorry, I do not offer unedited images for purchase. All unedited images go into my permanent hard drive and will be kept there for approximately 3 years before they get permanently deleted.

How far in advance do I need to book with you?

I am currently booked about 1-5 months in advance. Please plan accordingly! It is not uncommon for people to book me up to 6 months in advance. I only take 5 sessions per month.

I book boudoir photo shoots on weekday evenings after work hours, or on the weekday during the day when it is planned at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Please fill in your best availability on the booking form!

How can I pay for my session and products?

We accept cash, money order, personal check, email money transfer via your online banking, and credit card payments through Square or/and Paypal. You order and pay for your products at the ordering session after your photo shoot.

When will I get my products/images?

After your ordering session, it takes approximately 1-2 weeks to order and receive your products. If you are on a payment plan, it will take longer. Products will be ordered after all payment is complete.

Can I reschedule or cancel?

You must reschedule at least 48 hours in advance unless due to an emergency. If you choose to cancel our shoot entirely, you do not get your non-refundable retainer fee back. You may reschedule up to 2 times.

May I request extra retouching or editing at the ordering session?

Yes! All 30 photos presented will be completely edited. However, at no extra cost, you can request changes to images you choose to purchase. I will let you know if it can/cannot be done.

What if I don’t order anything at the ordering session? Can I order later?

You can definitely order later! However, each additional ordering session is $75 per shoot.

Will there be nudity involved?

Only if you wish. I will work at your comfort level.

Can I choose not to have my pictures published in your portfolio/sites?

Yes! Each client signs a release form (basically, a permission slip), and can choose whether or not I can share her photos in my portfolio or for marketing purposes.

Who can come to my ordering session?

You can bring one other person to come to your viewing. Sometimes ladies have their spouse/boyfriend/fiance come to the viewing, or their best friend.

Does the retainer/session fee include any photos or high resolution images?

Retainer session fee of $500 does NOT include any photos. It is what you pay for my time and talent (up to 2 hours photo shoot), professional hair and makeup (I use that retainer fee to book your session and hire the hair and makeup artist), and the full use of my private studio (which is full of thousands of dollars worth of props, furniture, and outfits). You purchase the photos afterwards at your ordering session one to two weeks after your photo shoot.

How much do you actually edit in my photos?

My rule of thumb is that I will edit out approximately 10-15 pounds around all the edges: every curve will be smoothed out and made to look fluid. If you want me to edit you more, you can request so in the ordering session. I smooth out all skin blemishes and imperfections unless requested otherwise (such as scars and tattoos).

My quest is to make your shoot as much YOU as possible. Unless specifically given the direction to by you, I have no desire to make you into something you’re not. I want you to feel and look the most “you” as possible.

How do I request an outdoor shoot?

Outdoor shoots are done all throughout the year, in rain, shine, or snow! It is the same price as a studio boudoir, within the Fraser Valley region. Most popular outdoor shoots take place at a secluded location near my studio in Langley, and at a legally nude beach.

How many photos are taken, and then how many are edited?

I take approximately 150-200 images per client, and cull out 30 to edit for the final viewing.

What happens if I want more editing done after the ordering session, or if I want another ordering session?

Each additional viewing session is $75. Each additional editing after the ordering session or/and after you’ve gotten your prints/products is $50 per image, with the cost of the additional print at $130 per. It is in both of our best interests that you are really super sure of all requests of extra editing and chosen products at the first ordering session.