A boudoir is a French word that was classically defined as a woman’s private bedroom chambers. These days, our contemporary world has defined it as a gorgeous genre of photography style where elegance and sensuality are combined through the art form of the modern woman’s figure, obtained through the keen eye of an experienced and passionate photographer. Life After Dark Photography is Vancouver’s leading, award-winning boudoir photography company.

Who Gets a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

My target client demographic is every woman between 19 and 90 years old. Why? Because every woman deserves to feel beautiful. No matter what stage of life you are in, you should get a boudoir photo shoot done. Every stage of life deserves to be memorialized and photographed.

A boudoir photo shoot is for:

  • the young woman who is starting her life on her own
  • the woman who is getting married and starting her life with her one true love
  • the woman who is pregnant and blossoming with new life
  • the woman who is a new mother and doesn’t recognize the new form of her body
  • the woman who is a busy wife and mother who hardly takes time to put herself first
  • the divorced woman who needs to remember she is loved and deserving of love
  • the woman who is working or has worked hard to get to her goal healthy body image
  • the woman whose kids have all grown up and therefore has time to spend on herself now
  • the grandmother who has lived her whole life and now comes into a unique and newly flourishing golden age

Boudoir is not just for the most deserving woman because every woman is the most deserving. A boudoir session is a celebration of life, and not simply a saved event for a special occasion.

The Gift of Boudoir

Many woman start their boudoir photo shoot journey with me with the idea that this is a gift. Some ideas have been:

  • birthday
  • anniversary
  • wedding day/night gift
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas
  • weight loss regime
  • maternity
  • for their loved one/spouse overseas or in military duty
  • commemorate good health or/and body augmentation
  • “just because” occasions

What is your reason to get a boudoir photo shoot from me? Let’s talk!