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Today’s session feature is Mary, a beautiful, curvalicious queen of a lady. Before her shoot, Mary and I were acquaintances in some of the local facebook mom groups, and we even met briefly during a wedding show we both had booths for on the same day. It wasn’t until years after these meets that Mary decided to go in for a shoot. I was so stoked, as I knew this would happen; I just didn’t know when! I knew she would rock the shoot, and I knew all she had to do was decide that it was TIME. And she did!!

When Mary came in, it was like we were friends from the beginning. Chatting was easy, and the shoot was so fun. Her honest and upbeat attitude made it so easy to shoot her, and on top of that, she followed the directions I gave like a pro. It didn’t take long (minutes, actually!) for her to emotionally transform into the beautiful diva supermodel that I was posing her for. She rocked the attitude, and it was easy to flow from one pose to the next.

So, without further ado, here’s Mary’s testimonial about the shoot. She is what many of us would dub as a “plus size” woman. While I abhor objectifying any body type as “plus” or “minus” or “right” or “wrong,” it is important to note in these sessions because many women are hesitant to have a boudie shoot because they feel they are “too plus size” to feel and look gorgeous. Mary is here to prove you wrong.

1: What made you decide to get a shoot from LAD versus anyone else?

I had heard of LAD from Facebook as well as a number of acquaintances had gone to her and they all had these beautiful photographs of themselves that I was always jealous of. After Facebook stalking her business for about 2 years I worked up the courage and finally booked an appointment. I wanted to go somewhere that I felt I was going to be safe; especially when you’re going to be standing in a room pretty much naked in front of a stranger.

2: How did you prepare for your shoot?

I was a ball of nerves leading up to it! Being a plus size woman I was worrying about what I was going to wear for the shoot. I went to about 5 different stores and tried on numerous combos of lingerie outfits before finally finding something that made me feel comfortable yet sexy. I looked through Pinterest A LOT to see how plus size models posed for boudoir shoots as well.

3: What was the best part of the experience?

I loved getting my hair and makeup done. The makeup artist Megan was fantastic. I don’t normally wear makeup so having the whole nine yards was a great experience. Also having Helen there to tell me jokes and just talk to me while I was getting ready set my nerves at ease. The actual moment of stepping out in my bra and a big tutu (which is her signature look) made me feel like a super sexy princess and made me really get into the moment.

4: What makes Helen different from other photographers?

In the past I’ve gone the general approach of Walmart photographers for family photos, and then also tried using another photographer to do family/individual photos and I have run into problems with not being happy with the outcomes. I found there wasn’t great communication with other companies…

Helen is so approachable. She is this tiny woman with a strong voice and a way of making you feel like you’re safe (which you are) I found her to be so happy and excited, that my nerves and any ideas of self doubt just disappeared. You can tell when someone is really happy at their job-it shows in their work and how they can make their clients happy. Any time I had a question in regards to my pictures maybe not looking 100% right, she always answered with “I can fix that!” You can also tell that she obviously has put a lot of time into learning how each person’s body is different and how to pose them. Other photographers I’ve used in the past didn’t have a clue.

5: what would you say to another curvy lady who is afraid of doing boudoir shoot?

Don’t be afraid! No one is ever happy 100% happy with their bodies. I wanted to get boudoir photos done for myself. Sure you can give them to a partner for a special occasion, but at the end of the day, if you don’t feel sexy and beautiful, it won’t matter. Helen takes the time in the beginning of the shoot to teach you how you’re going to pose, explains which angles are going to work best for your specific body type-which really makes you feel 100% at ease. Every moment of the shoot Helen is always talking to you, encouraging you along and reminding you how to place your body in the right direction. Never once did I feel ashamed of my body, if anything I think Helen brought more risqué out of me! If you ever question your body, whether you are big or small-really take the time to love yourself.

Vancouver boudoir photographer

Vancouver boudoir photographer

Vancouver boudoir photographer

Vancouver boudoir photographer

Vancouver boudoir photographer

Vancouver boudoir photographer

Vancouver boudoir photographer

Vancouver boudoir photographer

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  1. Kimberly

    I love your answers and York photos are outstandingly gorgeous…you interview makes me feel more Confident and beautiful myself. Thanks Helen for these that I have seen but this one really hit home for me and makes me excited to book my first shoot with you!