Vancouver Boudoir Photography | Featured Shoot: Sindii and Steven

I’ve decided to add a bit more oomph to these blog entries when I blog about sessions. I want to bring in the client’s point of view behind these shoots. It is so important to hear what clients go through, from beginning to end, when it comes to a shoot with Life After Dark Photography. As one of the leading boudoir photographers in Vancouver BC, I can go on and on and on about why someone should book with me. But that doesn’t mean a whole lot without the faithful clients who have come to me. So hear it from them. Get to see a shoot from their eyes.

First up, introducing Sindii and Steven’s couples boudoir shoot. It took a while for Steven to finally agree to have a shoot, and true to form for most men, he was hesitant, nervous, and wasn’t quite sure what he’s agreeing to. The two of them had a prior shoot with me when they were pregnant with their super sweet and cutie-pie of a son (now a toddler!), so he’s met me. That was Steven’s first time in front of a professional camera.

A couples boudoir shoot, however, is very different from a nice, safe maternity shoot. For one thing, they both have to get near-naked and it’s a bit nerve wracking to say the least! Sindii came in overjoyed and excited because she’s had several shoots with me in the past, so we’ve become good friends over the years. It was just a matter of convincing Steven! But, as with many loving couples, he agreed because he knew she wanted it. And so the story of their shoot began…

1. Sindii, how did you prepare for your shoot?

Sindii: I seriously went through my entire lingerie collection all bras and panties that would go well together. I also picked out Steven’s outfits that would match my outfits.

2. Steven, what made you decide to go with the idea of a couples boudoir shoot?

Steven: To have our intimacy captured in photos.

3. Either or both, what were you most nervous about?

Steven: To be honest I don’t even know, screwing up poses I guess?

Sindii: I wasn’t actually nervous, I’ve done boudoir before so I got over it. I was super excited!

4. Sindii, what got you really excited about the shoot?

Sindii: Everything really! I was most excited when I viewed the photos, but during the shoot I really enjoyed Steven’s reaction to it.

5. Steven, what was the best part of the shoot?

Steven: Best part? Not being able to kiss Sindii. (That’s a rule of my couples shoots! It makes the session SO intense and beautiful!)

6. Would you recommend LAD to other couples and why?

Definitely! We’ve already recommended you to other couples!

7. Steven, what would you say about your experience to other men who are nervous or resistant to having a couples shoot with LAD/Helen?

Steven: Suck it up and make your woman happy! It will make her the happiest girl in the world, and it’s worth it.

8. How is Helen different from other photographers?

She makes you feel beautiful, or handsome in a man’s case, and great about yourself. It’s not stressful or nerve racking because she makes you laugh all while being posed seriously. Best photographer I’ve ever worked with!

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