Vancouver Outdoor Boudoir Photography | Beach Boudoir

Living in Vancouver BC, we have some of the most beautiful backdrops for photography. Our sunsets are gorgeous, and even when it’s cloudy, it’s beautiful! It is hard for me to really choose a “favorite” setting for boudoir. I love my indoor professional studio with all its props, furniture, the awesome new pink couch and of course the boudoir styled bed. However, if I had to choose a favorite, perhaps it might be outdoor boudoir.

Outdoor photography in Vancouver, especially in the summer, calls for gorgeous lighting and beautiful colors. One of my favorite places to shoot is the beach. I have this wonderful little secret corner of a beach in the Fraser Valley that calls for the perfect spot for boudoir photo shoots. This one in particular was done a couple of years ago, but I find myself going back there time and time again for more shoots!! So beautiful!!

vancouver outdoor boudoir photography

vancouver langley beach boudoir


vancouver langley beach boudoir


vancouver langley beach boudoir


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