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As one of Vancouver’s premiere boudoir photographer, I pride myself in proving nervous clients wrong. Hee hee! I have many clients who come to me expressing that they are so nervous for their shoot, they practically almost didn’t show up! Time and time again, they are proven wrong almost the second they step into the studio. Kira is one of those clients.

Below is a beautiful testimonial she wrote for me of her experience. If you’re looking for a boudoir photographer who could meet your needs, whether you’re thin, average, or plus sized, do your research. I specialize in all types of women, from all backgrounds, in all shapes and sizes.

When my sister suggested that I do a boudoir photo shoot as a wedding gift for my fiance, I immediately said “NO”. I am a girl with curves, and even though my soon-to-be husband loves them, I wasn’t so sure about stripping down and having them captured on film. I did a lot of research prior to selecting my photographer and I found Helen. Her portfolio was beautiful!


I saw what she did with other curvy girls and thought to myself “why not?” I had so much fun the day of the shoot! I was nervous going in but Helen was so laid back and personable and I felt comfortable right away. During the shoot I felt gorgeous. I felt like a model. A superstar. I was almost sad when the shoot was over. That being said, I was still so nervous to see my photos. I had a lot of fun and all but could Helen work wonders with her camera? I brought a friend along for moral support and boy did I get it! Every single picture she took was amazing! I looked exactly how I felt that day. Radiant and beautiful. I can’t wait to give the album to my fiance on our wedding day. He is going to absolutely LOVE it!


Thank you Helen for giving me an experience I will never forget!

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  1. lorena

    What a rave review. Great job!

  2. Maggie

    Such a gift you have to help a women realize she is beautiful!

  3. Jennifer Beitchman

    She’s beautiful and glad she found the courage to show off her curves! Great job!


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