The Dark Queen Theme | Vancouver Boudoir Photography

I’ve been really into tutus lately, and what types of themes I can do. When Shawna came in (for the 3rd time this year!), I wanted to make my vision of “the dark queen” come to life! Fortunately, Shawna is up for pretty much anything, so we were able to make beautiful art together! Here are some photos of the story!

vancouver boudoir

vancouver boudoir

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  1. Sarah T

    Ohh the dark tutu brings such an edge and sexiness. Great concept!

  2. Keely Julson

    Love the concept! Good job!

  3. Kim Kravitz

    She is beautiful! Love your vision and I think y’all achieved it. Great job!

    • Though by now I shouldn't be, I still am surprised how the Stomach's Eleven dishes turn out. A lot of them look like they've been professionally plates. All of them looks really appetising!You're one fortunate women to have a seat in the Eleven :)

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  4. josie froste

    I like that concept when you do on devilsh concept keep me in mind.. like your angles and concept.