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This is a testimonial from the male counterpart of a recent couples boudoir shoot I did a couple of weeks ago. This moved me to tears. This is why I photograph. Thank you, Kevin, for these beautiful words to describe your experience of the photo shoot you did with your fiancee.

 To those who say “No Way”…

I am convinced there are times when all of us who hesitate to stretch our experiences need a rather extreme example to create the conditions we are motivated to act.   It is my hope that my experience with Life After Dark will move at least one of the men among you to take part in one of the richest life moments you have ever had.

Like many of you, my throat immediately tightened when my fiancée asked if I would be “open” (pretty slick use of words don’t you think?) to doing a largely nude photo shoot with her and Helen from Life After Dark.   Now for the stretch part, I am 59 (almost 60) years old and my fiancé is… well significantly younger than I am!   So not only was it the taking my clothes off in front of a camera and Helen, it was doing all of that with a beautiful woman more than 2 decades my junior.   And no, I don’t do drugs!

I have landed on 3 primary reasons I embraced this experience and found it to be one of the most amazing things I have ever done:

Firstly, Helen is wonderful person with a great sense of humor and a constant smile that penetrates the room.  I live and work in a professional world and expect a lot from everything I do, Helen meticulously choreographed every single shot and immediately made me feel comfortable and focused.   Thank you for being an awesome person Helen!

Secondly, this snapshot of time in our relationship is not only important to me it is one I don’t want to ever forget.   With almost 6 decades under my belt I have experienced my own mortality and in fact can “see it from here!”   The photos from our session will always provide priceless memories, moments that no one can ever take away.   The word for you to “Google” is transcendental, these are the experiences of our lives we can’t explain but know as real from a place deep in our hearts.   There are no words.

Lastly and most importantly is the deepest source of motivation for moving through my fears of the session…love.   The boudoir shoot with Helen came alive the moment I looked into my fiance’s eyes knowing this is the person with whom I will share the rest of my life.  Any uncertainty I entered the session holding on to evaporated the moment our bodies came together.

“Always Do What You Are Afraid To Do”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Karen Cooley

    What a touching testimonial!! I don’t know him, but I’m thrilled for him!

  2. Perth Newborn Photographer

    beautiful xx

  3. Dawniele Castellanos

    Oh that is so awesome! What a wonderful feeling you must have to know you helped move him from fear to comfort by just your comforting personality and smile. Lovely.

  4. Joncee May

    Great testimony!