2013, Here We Come

2012 gave Life After Dark Photography a lot to be thankful for. This year, Life After Dark was proudly accepted to be part of two of the biggest international Boudoir Photography associations in the world: Boudoir International and the Association of International Boudoir Photographers. Life After Dark is now listed in both of those directories as a member of the best boudoir photographers in the world. I am SO excited and SO proud to be held among the best of the best!

We also earned our very first international photography award in 2012, and was first featured on a leading Canadian photographers site. 2012 was definitely a year of growth and wonder, and 2013 can only get better…

2013 will start with L.A.D.’s first magazine publication! Look for my work in wedding magazines all over Canada, as I just finished my first big commercial shoot in December, 2012. 2013 will continue off with more worldwide publications and international magazines and websites.

Here are some more exciting things to come in 2013!


In early March and April, L.A.D. will be moving into a new space. We are upgrading the space into a more spacious studio area, complete with a full kitchen (for all your snacks, goodies, wine and champagne choices during sessions!), a dedicated bathroom, a separate room for a different backdrop setting, a full living room with decked out furniture, and a… WINDOW!

Consultations and ordering sessions will all be held in the same place as the photo sessions. I am so excited to start painting and decorating and decking out the new studio! March can’t come soon enough!

We hope to hold an open house party sometime in 2013 when we are finished moving in!


In 2012, we have bought three new sets of couches and chairs. We are introducing yet another gorgeous, velvet pin-cushioned white chaise lounge to our collection. We will also be investing in different styled headboards for your catered boudoir photo session! New props + new studio = kick ass poses and styles, all for you, my lovelies!

Of course, props in the way of fur rugs and blankets, sheets, and lingerie will continue to grow. Our wardrobe of different clothes, corsets, pillows, and sheers will always be growing, just as our business is.

You will have so many different and beautiful styles to choose from — it will blow our our creative minds!


L.A.D. will be introducing more themed photo shoots for clients and couples, both indoors and outdoors! Think fairy tales, snow boudoir, landscape boudoir, Victorian styled boudoir, winter wonderlands, and more!

A visual presentation project is in the works, by yours truly, to visually show you exactly what type of photo session you’d like with me. This presentation will not only cater to lady clients, but will also give their spouses/lovers a say in how they would like their women’s boudoir session with me to look like (don’t worry – everything will stay elegant, gorgeous, and tasteful)!

2013 will also bring L.A.D.’s first EVER video commercial! We are in the process of planning and choreographing it! And maybe even a second video before 2014! These videos will help you visualize what a session with me will look like, and how absolutely fun and transformational process it will be for you!

Vancouver award-winning boudoir and wedding photographer

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